• Muhammad Faisal Rasheed
  • Dr. Santosh Kumar
  • Sabeen Azam


Palestine issue has become one of the most controversial and polarizing issue of the modern day international political world. The modern day Israel-Palestine conflict is neither based on thousand year’s old historical or biblical conflict between the two states, nor is it a historically deep rooted religious struggle between the Judaism and Islam. The dispute is on the territorial claims, complex modern sociological and political issue regarding sovereignty of nation state entity. This paper will thoroughly examine the background of Palestine issue, role of UN (United Nations) on the Palestine issue, meditation under USA, existence of the state of Israel, nonexistence of the state of Palestine, suggestions to solve the dispute and the current situation of the conflict in the light of President Donald Trump’s recent take on Jerusalem and the International and constitutional legal debates on Jerusalem and its effect on the world politics and diplomatic relations.

Author Biographies

Muhammad Faisal Rasheed

Muhammad Faisal Rasheed is an M.Phil. Research Scholar in International Relations, University of Punjab.

Dr. Santosh Kumar

Dr. Santosh Kumar is HoD in the Department of Sociology, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur. He has vast experience of teaching and research in education field.

Sabeen Azam

Sabeen Azam is an M.Phil. Research Scholar in International Relations, Greenwich University, Karachi.


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