• H.M. Zahid Iqbal
  • Muhammad Ajmal Khurshid
  • Nazir Ahmed Malik


Faiz Ahmed Faiz, a combatant against feudalism and the designer of Marxist movement in Pakistan, was one of the most famous revolutionary poets of the Urdu language. According to Basil Hatim and Ian Mason (1997, p. 218), ideology is a set of beliefs and ideas which are finally presented in the form of language, and translation is an instance of language use, and the agent of this ideological act is the translator. Therefore, the objective of the study is to dissect the influence of Daud Kamal and Victor Kiernan’s respective perspectival positions as reflected in their English translations of Faiz’s famous love-poem,Following Teun A. van Dijk’s (1998) model of Critical Discourse Analysis, which interprets ideology in cognitive terms, the descriptive/comparative research design is employed for investigating how the translators’ individual perspectives have been at work in their translation of the poem. To conclude, the comparison is meant to discover evidences about the interference and imposition of ideology on and in representation of the poem into English.

Author Biographies

H.M. Zahid Iqbal

H. M Zahid Iqbal is Assistant Professor, at The University of Lahore, Chenab Campus, Gujrat, Pakistan.

Muhammad Ajmal Khurshid

Muhammad Ajmal Khurshid, University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan.

Nazir Ahmed Malik

Nazir Ahmed Malik, The University of Lahore, Chenab Campus, Gujrat (Punjab), Pakistan.


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