• Asif Ali Thebo


This paper aims to explore the role of the student union in resolving student problems through the attentive inculcation of politics in education. This paper has attempted to evaluate the role of the students in the students’ politics and helped to understand the value of politics in students’ life. The motive to choose this piece of research is student union has performed productively in the past to resolve students’ literary and financial issues; however, it has occupied a crucial position in the educational institutes of Pakistan, since 1947. So, the nature of this paper is qualitative and avails a ground to understand political matters more extensively. In the qualitative research methodology, thematic analysis has been chosen, in which the research tool is an interview and semi-structured interviews have been practiced to figure out themes. The objectives of this study are to explore student union problems and to ensure the usage of legal amendments that were passed to liberate students’ union in Sindh Province in the past. Although, most of the mainstream top-seed politicians are the product of student unions, and they are providing educated and well-trained political leaders and workers to strengthen political participation in the Sindh province. The results of this study showed that currently, our educational institutions require assistance to address the concerns of students and create a sense of political awareness through the “nurseries of democracy” which means student unions in Sindh province has been acclaimed for producing the country’s finest leaders and politicians to promote a democratic culture to enhance debates and learnings on the universities premises. Even though, both sides of the student union debate in the Sindh province have argued that student unions in universities are related to campus violence and student extremism. However, it is hard to prove that the ban has resulted in an efficient to reduce student-related violence in the last 38 years.

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Asif Ali Thebo

Asif Ali Thebo is a journalist and research scholar at Greenwich University. His email address is


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